Project Description

SolRace is a racing game, aiming to introduce the concept of drive-to-earn aka #D2E to the racers. The theme and idea behind SolRace area inspired by the legendary Mario kart, one of the world’s most favourite childhood game. But Instead of bringing Web2 kart game to Web3 world, we believe that we are destine to build a unique Web3 game for Web3 world and explore the possibilities with the community. We started the project of our member mutual passion; gaming and blockchain. We has always dreamt to build something. With our unique talents in game programming and blockchain development, as well as experiences in business development, we decided to join Solana Riptide Hackathon as our very first step ahead on the long and exciting journey ahead. The testing instructions for the website and game are provided in the README file in the github repository.

Additional Information

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