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SolanaCash powered by CoinFX

SolanaCash powered by CoinFX

Project Description

SolanaCash powered by CoinFX brings multi-currency support to SolanaPay. Foreign stablecoins are minted via USDC collateral, deposited into an on-chain vault, and pegged using the Pyth FX price feed oracle. To increase adoption of SolanaPay internationally CoinFX Stablecoins enable seamless integration for merchant point of sale systems, tax and accounting software that is denominated in the local currency. To access the demo, visit, in Phantom or a desktop web browser on Devnet. Add Devnet SOL and Devnet USDC to your wallet and choose the amount of Euro stablecoins you wish to mint.Once your transaction is completed visit: to purchase a virtual Cafe Filtre.

Additional Information

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