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Solfans - OF for ◎

Solfans - OF for ◎

Project Description

Onlyfans and Patreon meet Web3. On Solana. We are building the first community-driven platform to support Creators and reward Fans in a decentralized way. We strongly believe that creators need a space where they can share their content freely and they can have a say on how the thing this space should be structured and evolve (did anyone say a creator first DAO 👀). We build Solfans to give to every creator a chance to achieve that. Furthermore, we are solving some of the problems that web2 platforms have when addressing the huge and booming creator economy. First of all, we let creators keep 100% of their revenue, with instant settlement of the transaction. We also help creators to fully focus on engaging with their community and leave aside all the problems and delays with 3rd party middleman (like payments on hold, high fees, accounts suspended and so on). Our infrastructure connects directly the fan-wallet with the creator-wallet, so every transaction is happening directly between the two parties. The standard subscription is 1 month. WE ARE IN DEVNET -> fill up your bags of SOL ( and start enjoying the premium content! Join us as a creator: Explore our profile as a fan:

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