Project Description

SongRise is a one-station platform for musicians to publish their NFTs, build community and industry networks, and tailor exclusive content and events through NFTs. Problems:

  1. Inefficiency & low transparency of payments commonly exist in the current industry standard.
  2. The identical unit-priced revenue models don’t distinguish the value of fans well.
  3. There is no effective, trusted way for music networks to transact with each other. SongRise Solutions
  4. Remove All Blackboxes All transactions on SongRise are transparent and instant. No black box algorithm will be applied.
  5. Track and Analyze Value of the Community Graph Identify meaningful relationships and valuable network are built through NFT ownerships and onchain activities.
  6. Establish Interactive Connection with Artists and Fans Artists connect and collaborate with each other, and build a community of true fans. Fans show pride of ownership and enjoy exclusive content and events with SongRise’s cross-platform tools.
Additional Information

Team: Tong Liu Co-founder and previous CEO of UEYEVR. He designed the VR live streaming solution for Apple WWDC 2016 with Tencent. Tong also did exclusive VR live streaming interviews with Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors with Sina. Winner of Integrated Marketing Strategy Development at Fox Sports. USC graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business. Andrae Alexander Grammy-Nominated USC professor whose research focus is music industry studies and music technology and innovation, a best-selling author of “Build Your Music Career from Scratch”, a multiple billboard #1 composer. He has worked with major label recording artists including NeYo, BlackBear, George Drakoulias, Swae Lee, Mellissa Ethridge, Allee Willis, Meek Mills, Pusha-T, Kanye West, Jesse J., Rodney Jerkins, Lamont Dozier and more. Bruce Waynne Cofounder of the Grammy Award-Winning Production Duo MIDI Mafia, most notable for their production work with 50 Cent’s number-one single “21 Questions”, Justin Bieber, Fantasia and Frank Ocean (who they garnered their Grammy Award with) and many more. Bruce has signed artists to major record labels like Electra, Atlantic, and SRC/Universal Motown. His Premiere Urban Music Library for Television & Film via his partnership with Extreme Music and SONY ATV is currently the number one resource for contemporary music content in the industry. Darren Cheng Co-founder and previous CTO of Zhoutong Technology, leading a team of over 100 engineers with $15 million raised from Kwai and Weibo. Darren is a USC graduate with a master’s degree in Computer Science, specialized in AI and Blockchain fields. After graduation, Darren worked for the unicorn company, Houzz.

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