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Sports Gaming

Sports Gaming

Project Description

Mint Madness is step 1 to sports gaming on web3. We utilize NFTs to allow users to generate custom NFTs based on their predictions of the outcomes of NCAA March Madness Basketball tournament. The we use on-chain queries to validate authenticity of the NFT/entry and to score the brackets' performance over time. Phase 1 of this project (This submission) - build a single game on chain that is transparent, scalable. Phase 2 of this project (next phase) will involve creating a trustless smart contract that automatically disperses funds based on predefined rules set by a contest creator. Phase 3 will be "the candy machine" of sports gaming. Creators can input pre-defined games/parameters, rules, images, etc. and enable their communities to participate in sports games of all types. I build this project because I love March Madness and the future of sports gaming is going to be disrupted by web3 and NFT technology.

Additional Information

Phase 2 of this project will focus on World Cup to engage the global sports community.

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