Project Description

Strangemood is a decentralized competitor to Steam. We think it can have lower fees and a large market size than Steam. Strangemood is like Project Serum; it’s not the store, it’s what you build the store on top of. It’s an on-chain list of software licenses for sale, that you can use to build your own store. If you put your game to the list, it can appear in any store. It doesn't matter which store someone buys the game from, it still appears in their Strangemood library. When a seller puts something up for sale, they set a commission that goes to a store that completes the sale. So if there’s a $30 game, and the seller puts a 10% commission on it, the store will make $3. So Strangemood will probably win, because we aren’t building distribution from scratch. We’re wandering around, going to folks who already have distribution (like youtubers, streamers, and journalists), helping them make stores, and giving them a big chunk of net-new revenue. To play around with it, go to, try uploading a file, and then purchasing it.

Additional Information

Additional Stuff As part of Strangemood, we built two other open source projects:

  • -> decentralized encrypted storage
  • -> decentralized metadata format for IPFS that generates it's own GraphQL Other Links FAQ for Strangemood: Rebase (Jacob and Evan's little startup that made this) Repos:
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