Struct Capital

Struct Capital

Project Description

Struct enables the creation of decentralized ETFs. Struct's on chain program integrates with Solend and Orca to create index tokens that provide leveraged exposure to baskets of onchain assets. The program manages collateralized debt positions and there is no liquidation risk and no funding rates. With Struct, you can build index tokens tracking inverse ETFs, baskets of tokens, and other structured investments. Solana has a lot of onchain financial primitives that don't need L2s. This makes it the perfect L1 for composability and the Struct protocol. I wanted to build this to make it easier for users to execute more sophisticated trading strategies without any overhead. Struct is similar to Index Coop on Ethereum but many more use cases are possible because we can integrate with perp markets and options markets while staying on native Solana. Test out the devnet at

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