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Super Store

Super Store

Project Description

Existing mobile app stores place severe limits on web3 integrations and require developers to use built-in payment systems with high fees on sales and in-app purchases. This limits the development of web3, and makes it harder for developers to deliver to users the kind of experience they have come to expect. Super Store is a mobile app store that changes this, making it possible for developers to deliver a web3 experience to users that is easy and intuitive. Super Store is compatible with Android and Android/AOSP based operating systems, and serves as the native app store for Super System, a mobile operating system that puts web 3 first. With Super Store, rather than using a mobile wallet’s in app ‘dapp browser’, users can directly install and use web3 apps alongside other apps, providing a native experience like that which users are already familiar with. Super Store is governed by users and contributors through a DAO on Solana. This means no corporate gatekeeping to limit what web3 developers can do, and no exorbitant fees or requirments to use corporate in-app payment systems. Developers can easily package existing web apps/dapps to be distributed as native apps on Super Store, or use existing developer tooling to build native apps in Kotlin, Java, React-Native or Flutter. Super Store includes a wide range of Solana apps, from DeFi and NFTs, to games and wallets. The app repository is stored on IPFS, with cryptographic hashes stored on-chain on Solana, ensuring users can verify the legitimacy of apps without having to rely on a centralized third party. Through the DAO, users and developers are rewarded for contributing, whether its by participating in governance, testing new features, submitting apps, or helping with security audits. By radically increasing the ease of using and building on web3, Super Store, along with Super System, aims to help us move one step closer to a decentralized future. Testing instructions: The ‘super-system-super-store’ Github organization contains a number of repositories for Super Store, including the source code of the Solana apps included in Super Store, the source of the app repository, and the source of the Super Store app itself. In order to test Super Store, go to the ‘super-store’ repository at: Go to releases and download and install the ‘super-store-solana-riptide.apk’ file on an Android device or emulator. Ideally the device should be running Android 12 or an OS based on Android 12. Once Super Store is installed, open it up and install the Sollet wallet app. You can then start installing and using the different Solana apps and connecting them with Sollet to sign transactions. Finally, if you want to build an app to distribute through Super Store, take a look at the instructions in the ‘super-store-sdk’ repository at: For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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