Project Description

Taka is a decentralized exchange for discovering liquidity, trading multiple financial instruments (such as crypto, FX, commodities, and more) and assets management, when the DeFi ecosystem is in need of advanced trading tools to manage investment risks. The Taka network of protocols facilitate the cross-chain transfer of funds, the exchange of assets, and creations of strategies by strategy managers. This will in turn give investors the ability to monitor their fund managers performance in real time, and to earn passively by following their different strategies.

Additional Information

https://github.com/Takaprotocol-DAO/white-paper/raw/main/Taka%20white%20paper%20v0.14.pdf https://github.com/Takaprotocol-DAO/Takaprotocol-Pitch-Deck/raw/main/Taka%20pitch%20deck%20.pdf

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