Tokr Protocol

Tokr Protocol

Project Description

Tokr is an open-source protocol for tokenizing and financing real world assets. Representing real property ownership digitally as non-fungible tokens (rNFTs) enables market participants to frictionlessly exchange and finance real world assets (such as real estate) programmatically on the Solana blockchain. In 10 years, DAOs will be the world’s largest owner of real world assets, powered by DeFi. By decentralizing real estate finance we will expand access and opportunity for everyone to own real property. To demonstrate proof of concept, we formed a DAO that legally acquired real estate via a subsidiary Wyoming LAO LLC. Then, we minted real property ownership as an NFT (rNFT) which allows us to fractionalize ownership and distribute equity tokens to DAO members, and deposit the rNFT as collateral in a market reserve to receive a loan in USDC.

To meet our objective we developed a system of dApps and custom programs that compose the Tokr Protocol. First, we forked Realms to create a dApp for forming and organizing DAOs. Next, we built a Tokrizer application that DAO members can use to mint real property ownership as non-fungible tokens (rNFTs). The Tokrizer application certifies that each rNFT meet’s protocol standards. Once minted, rNFTs can be accepted as collateral by DeFi markets. Next, we build on Metaplex standards to demonstrate fractional ownership of rNFTs and distribute equity tokens to DAO members. Finally, we deposit the rNFT into a market reserve and programmatically borrow USDC using the rNFT as collateral. To accomplish DeFi for rNFTs, we started with the SPL standard and created a new concept of illiquid reserves, among other customizations to meet the objective of our use case and demonstrate proof of concept. As a bonus, we grinded up a little glass to put in the icing on the cake because why not? We developed the first web3auth implementation with a custom verifier on iOS so that we could demonstrate how mobile apps can visualize rNFTs to build experiences that are more accessible for consumers. The Tokr Protocol v0.1.0 website, code, documentation and white paper are available in the links below: rNFT: Protocol Website: Code: Documentation: White Paper: Property: 0 High Street Brinkhaven, Ohio acquired by Real Fake Lot LLC on March 15, 2022

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