TRADE : Mango

TRADE : Mango

Project Description

TRADE is “The Trading Platform for the Web3 Generation”. We believe that the user experience of trading is long overdue for a major overhaul. This will lead to better markets and it will allow millions of new people to participate as traders, who would never have considered it before. We have deployed our alpha version, especially for the Riptide judges at Connect your wallet and then trade just as you normally would. If you have never traded on Mango, you will first need to deposit a small amount of SOL or USDC (or a few others Mango accepts), into your Mango account. IMPORTANT: This is alpha software. A few things to watch out for:

  • Only trade SOL-PERP. We have disabled the symbol selection dropdown.
  • Limit orders only, for now. We have removed the other order types from the list.
  • If you set an order to POST and it is rejected, the app may not handle that properly.
  • If you are experiencing poor Solana network conditions, we attempt to handle that gracefully, but this part is not yet solid
  • The “Store” tab is not ready for use. The NFTs you see there are real, but we have not yet enabled their purchase.
Additional Information

Our Website is: Our Pitch Deck is here : Note: We plan to open-source our code base soon, but we are not ready to do it today, largely because we need to do a bunch of cleanup and documentation before we feel it’s ready to go. For now, we have invited to our repo.

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