Project Description

VVallet.me uses the Solana blockchain to prove ownership of distributed online identities. It links any public online account (ex: Twitter, Facebook, ENS) together using your cryptocurrency wallet. An account holder can show they own an account by making a public post linking to their vvallet.me profile, then adding a link to that post to the blockchain (which only the owner of that vvallet.me profile can do) to prove they own both accounts. This is a similar process to Keybase's SSH key based proof of identity. I built this because Keybase is no longer well maintained after being acquired by Zoom, and I believe using a cryptocurrency wallet as a convenient mechanism for interacting with keypairs. The experience is better than using Keybase because its so easy to manage your key in a cryptocurrency wallet. It still maintains the trust-less proof that is needed through Solana transactions requiring a signature from the key owner. VVallet.me can also serve as a bridge between Web2 and Web3 identities. To run locally run yarn run dev in the /app directory. It should be pointed to the right contracts on devnet. It only has Twitter account proofs right now, but the concept will be the same for all proofs.

Additional Information

I chose to use Solana for this project as its low transaction fees and high throughput are perfect for an application which requires many on-chain interactions. Users may add hundreds of distributed accounts to their vvallet.me profile and it shouldn't cost thousands of dollars to do that.

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