Project Description

You can read more about our project and why we are building it here https://twitter.com/wordcel_club/status/1494996713890713604 At present the ability to post via the wordcel protocol is limited and we are planning to open it up our beta in a phased manner. You can join our beta here https://www.wordcel.club/ The protocol is already live on devnet and it powers my personal blog, you can see some posts here https://blog.shek.dev/post/EWzs8uRrX925PvQo1ihy7yGDBRrH9Mb72L2v2MuEfEJs https://blog.shek.dev/post/DH1d7z1qYdgm7TwTPWE6FBKNTHzi4GKX3z6MmEpzuc2m This is a sneak peek of our desktop app, which allows you to post to the network directly from the desktop, in order to this we ended up creating a simple transaction encoding scheme inspired by Solana Pay # 77 and https://diswallet.app/ to share arbitrary transactions for signing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw-X1hKvQLM

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