Project Description

Every day at 1pm, users join and answer 12 trivia questions. Players who answer all questions correctly split a prize fund sponsored by advertisers. The questions are written about general encyclopedic topics, not about crypto. You need to set up a crypto wallet to play. Every question answer is a transaction. The payouts are sent with USDC. The game is completely free to start and doesn’t provide much advantage to experienced players, making it fun for newcomers. However, it still works fully on-chain and allows to introduce new people to self-custody. Why do it at all? Next 1B users in crypto need their first web3 application: something fun and simple to start. It’s also has to be social and viral to spread fast around the users. The trivia show is our best approximation of this ideal first web3 application. We target to onboard a lot of people who never used crypto self-custodially: have them setup wallets and run first transactions on Breakroom.

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