Crosslink Protocol

Crosslink Protocol

Project Description

Description: NFT titles for durable goods, secured by the Solana blockchain. The project establishes a new web3 primitive--microtitles--which are NFTs that are cryptographically and incontrovertibly "linked" to a physical item, thereby proffering proof of ownership, and authenticity all-in-one. The system may be used for digitizing assets, and counterfeit prevention. To try it out, please navigate to and follow the on-screen steps: 1. sign, 2. mint, 3. register, and 4. verify Testing: Without creating your own NFT microtitle, you will not be able to fully utilize all features of the dApp. But, using the DEVNET cluster, you can view the on-chain Register, view the NFT Mint ( ) and metadata ( ), as well as verify the signature. Copy the traits and the mint ID for the reference NFT above into the Register and Verify pages: { mint id: FVKeRT4P7iK3ysHVY9EJhjKosoHhLcmEEovCs8m7K99L, bkey: 2WHxM993ncvVwCUBi4dgdkYCiNWNzMtn8AtowNWmifbU, message: 01234ABCDE }. Thank you for your time in reviewing our project!

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