Crypto Jobs Network

Crypto Jobs Network

Project Description

I am building a permissionless social platform that contains elements of a job board and a social network with a unique feature (Proof of Completion) that allows implementing a decentralized Reputation system, which can be used in later extensions and in any trustless app. I believe that this can change the realm of crypto as we see it today. I am building it firstly for myself and my relatives to solve gatekeeping issues in traditional jobs. I believe that only skill should determine the suitability of a person to do the job, not bureaucracy. Also, the problem of unemployment, especially considering recent events, is very acute and I think crypto will allow decent people who are willing to work to get what they deserve. And the Reputation system will allow the implementation of crypto in those areas in which it is currently not possible to do so. Testing instructions: Full testing requires 5 different accounts. In order not to waste time, I simplified testing to 2 accounts. The tab (Dev) will help us with this. I recommend using 2 browsers. 1. Login with Solana wallet 2. Open Profile menu (top right), press "Edit profile" (small text below the address line) 3. Activate "Submit all completed jobs to Delegates for review" 4. Set your username 5. Add New Job (top-right, make sure you fill "Job Duration" and "Job Compensation" or Save button will not be available), 6. Apply to this job from the second account 7. Accept this job from the first account (Profile Menu -> Incoming Applications -> Accept) 8. Send the "completed" job from the second account (Profile Menu -> Sent Applications -> Select file and press Upload and Send or Paste a link and press Send Result) 9. Approve this job from the first account (Profile Menu -> Incoming Applications -> Approve, Send Funds, and Mark Job as "Completed"). There will be 2 transactions. 0.01 SOL will be transferred to the second account, the worker; the completed job will be sent to randomly chosen Network users who Participate in jobs approvals as a Delegate (Edit Profile checkbox). For dev purposes, they are already filled with random people but you can remove all of them in (Dev) tab. 10. Now each Delegate who has been selected will receive a notification of a new application (Pending Approvals). You have two options: 1. Skip this step of approving the application by each Delegate by going to the (Dev) tab and pressing "APPROVE_ALL_APPS_SOL" 2. Or you can remove already filled random Delegates in (Dev) tab with "DELETE_DELEGATES" button and login with 3 more accounts, enabling participation in the delegation (Edit Profile second checkbox), and manually reviewing the application from each account. 11. Finalize the reviewed application: 1. (Dev) tab -> "FINALIZE_ALL_APP_SOL" 2. Login with any Delegate who participated in the reviewing process -> Pending Approvals -> Finalize 12. Check Reputation tab (top-middle). After ~10 seconds, the results should appear there. We now have an on-chain Reputation.

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