d'Art NFT

d'Art NFT

Project Description

d’Art uses Solana blockchain technology for services that issue NFTs and provide DEFI for real art objects. To avoid certain drawbacks such as slow speed and high gas cost, d’Art adopted Solana which uses POH and POS models to allow us to process around 50,000 transactions per second, with the average cost per transaction at about $0.0015. Some features of the d’Art NFT ecosystem are payment of interest when staking d’Art coins, purchase of NFTs through a lottery method to ensure fairness and a system independent of spending power, a function to acquire interest coins by staking NFTs, a NFT loan function and NFT LEND function. d’Art will issue up to 10,000 NFTs of real-world artworks, conditional to each piece’s terms and conditions, with each NFT’s proof of ownership cleared by d’Arts own proprietary verification system. We started this project because the art market is ripe for new solutions due to changes caused by the pandemic as well as technological advances that solve key market issues. As a very 'opaque' industry, accessible only to a certain group with spending power and connections, we believe that the Arts, as the greatest wealth of mankind, should be democratised and accessible for anyone to own. We see that the digital art NFT industry also has shortcomings, so we focus on registering real-world, world-class physical artworks as NFTs on-chain. Now, you can afford to own world-class artwork, wherever you are, whoever you are.

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