Memorial Paradise

Memorial Paradise

Project Description

The world's first and only decentralized data storing-based metaverse where users can store their data for over 100 years for future generations. Users can also create their ideal world, monetize their virtual experiences, learn, play, connect with other users on Memorial Paradise. The project was born when my grandfather passed away. I wanted to know more about my ancestors, but I didn't have the data or materials I could access. Photos, cassette tapes, and videotapes have deteriorated, and the devices to play them are no longer widespread. As each of us is part of history, we thought the Metaverse was the best place to leave it. This project can solve the problems of current long-term data storage, data migration flaws, and the inheritance process. For the game demo, you will see how to upload pictures, videos and documents on the Metaverse. (Please note: We wanted to participate this hackathon so badly and created the demo in 7 days so it is not a complete version)

Additional Information

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