NFT Pixels

NFT Pixels

Project Description

NFT Pixels is one of the biggest art collaborations in the Solana world. Own one or more out of 262.144 pixels represented by an NFT on the Solana blockchain. You can choose a pixel and a color to mint the corresponding NFT. Ownership allows you to change the color of the respective pixel via our on-chain program. This project is fully decentralized since pixel data is also stored on the blockchain in account P1XEL8wg3nunUkVDeue1YWLAX5dnDiZBnRR1aWa2FTY. The initial idea of the project was to build something to learn what an NFT is and how the Solana programing model with all its accounts works. After we decided to publish it there emerged two new main aspects:

  1. Create a picture that is stored directly on the blockchain, where everyone can particitpate while being imune to censorship due to its blockchain nature
  2. Prove that Solana is mature and can today be used to create something exciting, like an NFT that is more then just a profile picture The projects program is live in the devnet and mainnet (both at account P1XEL4ZprdaoVcZxEMXA3njoLwmc4VL6uSFiDRY6hdF). We provide a website that can be used as userinterface to the program but is not required at all to use it. The devnet version of the website can be accessed at while the mainnet version is live at The website is written in dart using Googles app framework flutter. For testing, we suggest the devnet version.
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