Reactor Wallet

Reactor Wallet

Project Description

Reactor Wallet is a cross-platform, non-custodial and Open Source wallet for Solana. I built it because most used non-custodial wallets for Solana are not Open Source (e.g, Phantom, Slope...). For me, an app that proclaims to be non-custodial must be always be Open Source, if not, it's a contradiction. Also, by choosing Flutter means that it can scale to different type of devices and platforms with little change. I also wanted to make it as simple as possible, I don't think my mum would care about weird ugly monkeys ( It still integrates NFTs tho). Also, I am have integrated Solana Pay into it, which means it can be used to scan or even handle the "solana:" protocol, this opens the door to websites or any other app being able to launch it very easily. It can also of course create QRs, this is specially good if you are using it from the desktop. No more weird built-in dapp browsers please. Although I made it very simple it still have some interesting features such as that you can create an account which basically watches over any address you want, this can be useful if you have a wallet you don't want to import into your device, yet you want to watch it's transactions, NFTs, or simply share the address. You can choose to watch, import or create any wallet in any network. You can also make transactions of Sol, NFTs or any token. And.... it has a dark theme!

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