Project Description

RefundLedger is the autonomous VAT refund machine backed by collateral staking built for SolanaPay and VISA cards. Our mission is to avoid taxes to short-term de-leverage unelegible individuals’ purchase power. An instant VAT refund system for travelers backed by a pre-departure staking and an automatic AI-powered testing of double NFT generation from receipts and transactions. In a short way, our solution:

  • Pre-departure staked collateral;
  • Double NFT generation from transactions: value with applied VAT and type of good; iterative refund elegibility calculation; the first NFT will be storing the transaction value, the second NFT will be storing the receipt motivation (the good, that will also be taken by the payment transaction); the second NFT will be checked by our AI bot that will confront it with government APIs and rate the eligibility of a VAT refund;
  • Instant VAT refund;
  • Unstake + APY benefit available after final goverment approval.
Additional Information

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