Project Description

When people think of metaverse they tend to think of a "Ready Player One" metaverse experience, but that concept is far from reality. Most of the metaverses out right now look like a 2$ game on steam but with virtual land, and from the other side Facebook the biggest centralized metaverse is failing to push that concept onto people and a big factor is, we simply aren’t there yet. Not even a (once) trillion dollar company can bring real utility to VR right now. The concept of the metaverse shouldn’t be pushed into people’s reality but it should become one, and the only way for that is focussing on building an open infrastructure where users can monetize their work and raise capital with web3 (Revenue Sharing DAOs, ads etc.) and can easily modify and add content (webXR) so we can start building the metaverse blocks. That is why we want to offer a "metaverse lite" experience, a sandbox where everybody can explore, trade and create 3D assets, and given the accessibility factor (webXR is mobile, VR and browser compatible), users build on top of blocks, what they actually want. The base of this idea is the concept of DAOs and Unions. DAOs with payrolls and a working reputational system bring web monetization to a completely different level, and everybody can propose their idea and get fundings not from some VCs or investors, but from normal users, similar to what we see with NFTs. Projects get millions in funding just from building communities. Unions are the conglomerate of different DAOs with the same scope or vision, that share members and share utilities. For example, if I am an NFT project and want to customize my own Verse, I can talk with the Union of 3D artists to build the 3D avatars and they will automatically share their revenue, same thing for animators etc. In this way it is easier for talents to come out and contribute, that is why we built DAO connect with auto managed Unions. One of the problems with DAOs right now is that users aren’t so active in a lot of them, but we don’t believe they should. Of course being an active member is important, but you cannot force that on people. That is why we made tiers, so that users can have basic access to Union services that can be composed of 10 different DAOs, while the Union is managed internally through members who share their treasury. The user just sees what he actually wants to see, and the builders have the liquidity and infrastructure to build what they want. By holding a membership of a Union, the user gets exposed to tons of products he before wouldn’t have known about, growing the communities and DAOs inside Unions. Unions will be a big part of Solarity development, in fact we plan on having our revenue and royalties shared with the webXR community, with the NFT communities of our ecosystem that are the first bringing actual value and usage to the metaverse, and developers and open source organizations that work towards a powerful decentralized internet future.

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