Solstice Pay

Solstice Pay

Project Description

Solstice Pay is a social payments app, allowing users to conveniently exchange everyday payments with friends and family. Written in Flutter and Rust, it works across all desktop and mobile platforms. It is specifically designed to be familiar for users of traditional centralized finance alternatives like Venmo, making the flexibility and interoperability of blockchain technology accessible to a wider global audience. We [the Solstice Pay developers] have been using cryptocurrencies amongst each other to settle everyday balances for a few years. But even as nerds, the UI and UX of existing cryptocurrency wallets aren't a good fit for the task, and it was difficult to get our other friends on board. If we wanted a better solution, we'd have to build it ourselves - so we did! You can try Solstice Pay yourself by visiting our GitLab repo at There are build instructions on the README, but feel free to file an issue if something isn't working for you. We plan on eventually releasing pre-built packages for all platforms.

Additional Information
  • The Solstice Pay homepage is
  • The story behind Solstice Pay is available at
  • We have a blog with occasional updates at
  • All our code is open source and can be found under the group
  • The top-level code repository for the Solstice Pay app is
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