Project Description

TempWallet is a browser burner wallet for Solana. We're looking to solve two big problems with this product. First, we wanted to improve the developer experience of generating wallets, getting tokens, and testing on dev net. But through our prototyping, we stumbled upon another, bigger problem that could be solved with this - the creation of cash-like tools allowing for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Testing is simple - go onto https://tempwallet.xyz, log onto devnet, and it'll generate a burner wallet for you to send tokens to. You can choose to send the private keys of that burner wallet through an easily shareable link to your friend, who can immediately drain the wallet into their hot or cold wallet. By introducing this wallet as an intermediary, you do not need to know the receiving person's Solana address - you can simply generate wallets, load them with tokens, and pass around QR codes of these individual wallets

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