The Wordcels

The Wordcels

Project Description

The Wordcels is an experiment in interactive minting. They are a collection of NFTs that users can mint by solving puzzles. Currently this takes the form of Wordle puzzles but can be extended to many different puzzles and games in the future. We built this project because the current NFT project landscape felt stagnant; mints and the current whitelist meta no longer feel fun nor organic in building a sense of community. We look to take steps towards a more organic community growth by having a more involved and more fun mint process. For this hackathon we’ve uploaded a sample of 24 tokens to devnet. To test, build and run the frontend repo (wordcels-frontend) and play the wordle puzzles to guess the words. Navigate to your solved puzzles page to claim (note: only 1 NFT per puzzle to claim!)

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