Blazing Speed u0026 Global Scale

Solana has transformed the blockchain into an enterprise-grade computing platform handling global transactions and mission-critical applications.

Solana, A Blockchain Built for Scale
Move Fast u0026 Spend Less

Solana drives down the cost of computing and opens a global landscape for enterprise level applications to have decentralization, democratization, and database driven scalability.


Select Features

LLVM compatible languages supported for smart contract development

Guaranteed low transaction costs ($0.001 per transaction)

Quick settlement time (sub-second finality)

Improved user experience (high throughput network, with a testnet performing at 110k tps allowing for quick response times for end users)

Network architecture automatically orders transactions as they enter the system

Sustainable scalability solution that scales with hardware and bandwidth improvements

PoS consensus mechanism

Will provide high-level APIs, and RPCs that will be highly compatible with existing UIs written specifically for Ethereum to reduce developer friction