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Web3 games. Web2 speeds.

Build the games of the future at the speed of the internet. Solana’s high throughput and low fees make it a perfect fit for your masterpiece.

Solana Games Kit

A collection of such tools and services being developed in the Solana ecosystem to empower game developers and accelerate the development of amazing web3 games on Solana.

why solana

Go bigger, faster, smarter.

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A single state, by design

Solana is built for interoperability — it horizontally scales while maintaining a shared state. Connecting Solana and gaming communities is seamless.

The fastest speeds

Solana comes to consensus and finality almost immediately — no long wait times like other blockchains.

The lowest fees

Each transaction on Solana costs a fraction of a cent. Don’t worry about fees slowing down the experience.

Up your game

Build the metaverse with decentralized marketplaces, cross-game items, and fully-on-chain elements.


Super fast. Super cheap. Super seamless.

Solana’s blazing-fast speed and ultra-low fees are built to scale, so the ecosystem grows without sacrificing censorship resistance or security. It’s so fast, your players will definitely notice. See how Mini Royale: Nations uses the blockchain to create a unique open-economy multiplayer shooter.

Solana games

Top games from the community

Star Atlas

Space, the first frontier of the metaverse. Search for resources in a massive, futuristic, NFT-powered universe.


Fight in awesome battles across a unique, expansive, JRPG world. PVP gameplay. On-chain trading. All on Solana.


Ten-hut! Collect dogs, tanks and more in a multiplayer tank brawler. Truly own your own assets.

why solana

We just needed a scalable tech because we anticipate having millions to potentially billions of users interacting with the metaverse at some point. High transaction throughput, low transaction costs, the sub-second finality which translates to low latency for our players on speed changes, all important.

Michael Wagner Star Atlas

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