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RPC Infrastructure

Solana Public RPCs

  • Mainnet - api.mainnet-beta.solana.com
  • Devnet - api.devnet.solana.com

Public RPC Rate limits

Note: If you plan on using a RPC for any amount of traffic, we recommend using one of the RPCs found below or in the sponsored resources section. Public RPCs are only for basic testing.

Other RPCs

Solana Cookbook You can find other available RPCs at solana.com/rpc.


Backpack is a next level wallet that also pioneered the xNFT standard. Hackathon participants can build with that standard to create a variety of end user products.


Helius is the ultimate developer platform for building on Solana. Effortlessly navigate on-chain data with powerful APIs, webhooks, and RPCs.

150 free Helius Dev plans are available to hackathon participants, first come first serve.


Symmetry offers a decentralized Crypto Indices and Actively Managed Funds infrastructure layer on Solana - through on chain programs and SDKs called Symmetry Engine.

Get started: https://docs.symmetry.fi/symmetry-engine/sdks


Syndica offers highly scalable RPC node infrastructure, with advanced logging and analytics. Its offering includes best-in-class hardware, strategic geo-locations, and a multi-node architecture. The largest enterprises in the ecosystem rely on Syndica, including the likes of Star Atlas and Audius. You can learn more about Syndica’s product at: http://www.syndica.io/product

Hackathon participants can Sign up for the Syndica starter plan for free after registration

Syndica will be providing $2,500 in credits per team following project submission

Triton One

Triton One provides high-performance bare-metal RPC servers for Solana applications. Triton specialize in dedicated servers and custom deployments. Triton also offer a global shared RPC pool perfect for web3 front ends. Call on us when you are ready to scale up.

Get one month of free service on our shared Solana RPC for front ends. Triton's private Devnet & Testnet are always free.

See https://www.triton.one for details. (Free offer applies to front ends only. No bots on our shared service).


QuickNode helps companies build, deploy, and scale any blockchain-based application. We power more than 70B monthly Solana requests as the #1 RPC provider for the ecosystem. We also offer access to archive data, NFT data, and event monitoring through our higher-level Solana APIs.

Sign up for our free tier here, or request a coupon code here for a paid plan. Grizzlython participants get three months free of our Scale plan ($900 value) for best in class performance globally. If you have technical questions along the way, feel free to reach out in our Telegram group for Solana x QN Hackers.


SolanaFM is the Friendliest block explorer on Solana. The developer portal is a developer toolkit that allows on-demand indexing, empowering all devs to access historical on-chain data with devnet support via performant APIs & webhooks.

250 Dev plans are reserved for Grizzlython participants, start building now.

Monaco Protocol

The Monaco Protocol provides a decentralized liquidity network for exchange-based applications built on the Solana blockchain.