Focus on your business, not your blockchain infrastructure

Solana’s blazing speed and low fees scale as the ecosystem grows without sacrificing censorship resistance or security.

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Never deal with sharding or layer 2

Solana ensures composability between ecosystem projects by maintaining a single global state as the network scales.

Code in your language.

Code in Rust, C, and C++. Flexible virtual machine integrations, with more on the way.

Avoid long wait times for your users.

Blazing fast speeds and no mempool. 400ms blocktimes and sub-second finality. Web 3.0 with Web 2.0 speed.

Capital efficient as the ecosystem grows.

Solana scales thanks to Moore’s Law — there's no need to integrate with multiple shards or layer 2 solutions.

Enterprise-grade security.

Audited by a Fortune 500-preferred security firm. Iron-clad immutability for global scale.

8 core innovations enable your business scale to billions of users and devices around the world

Don’t choose between scale, security, and decentralization. Solana has solved the trilemma for you. No sharding required. Here’s how.

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Proof of History (PoH) →

A clock before consensus

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Tower BFT →

A PoH-optimized version of PBFT

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Turbine →

A block propagation protocol

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Gulf Stream →

Mempool-less transaction forwarding protocol

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Sealevel →

World’s first parallel smart contracts run-time

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Pipeline →

Transaction processing unit for validation

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Cloudbreak →

Horizontally-scaled accounts database

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Archivers →

Distributed ledger storage

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