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Project SEED

Project SEED

Project SEED is an on-chain A-RPG game app designed to bring players a DAO virtual world that features an action based battle system with cooperative multiplayer mode and uses NFT & DeFi monetization.

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Project SEED is one of the first gaming platforms built on the Solana blockchain. The ecosystem includes a Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace, and a wallet. We bring one of the world's first blockchain games to players in mobile phones and devices.

The lauch will take place in an integrated Game App, where players can interact with their beasts, or "Zeds," and explore the world alone or in a team. Players can battle against each other in tournaments, join co-op adventures to gain experiences, tame Zeds, join guilds, build dungeons, and much more. A DEX, an NFT marketplace, and a crypto wallet will also be integrated inside the game.

The application requires affordable gas fees, fast TPS, and also robust blockchain networks, which we could fulfil using the Solana blockchain. Even though players will need to spend gas for interacting with the blockchain, Project SEED aims to be a Play-to-Earn game, instead of Pay-to-Win. In the ecosystem, players earn SHILL tokens for completing certain tasks or quests created by GMs and other players, by leveling up and gathering enough materials to unlock a new variety of weapons or equipment, or by evolving their Zeds and selling them as an NFT.

SHILL token will be the utility token used in the ecosystem, whether it be used for trading, staking, or voting (DAO). It will be presented as a multi-chain currency, where we will perform mint-and-burn to equalize the circulation and total supply of our token.

Finally, Project SEED will bring the blockchain gaming ecosystem to the masses, suitable for both blockchain-savvy gamers as well as non-blockchain gamers. This game will be the first blockchain game Project SEED launch, and more games are in the pipeline.

Jun 21, 2021
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