Wormhole is the first bidirectional bridge that connects Ethereum with Solana.

The road to a decentralized economic utopia is paved by blockchains, each with a variety of goals and focus areas. Multiple blockchains have played pivotal roles in driving adoption and value, whether through features, tools, communities, or capital. Right now, we are witnessing significant growth in applications, but speed and cost are still a hurdle for breakout adoption. The majority of decentralized applications need to perform as good as, if not better than Web2 products. The big leap that tips the scale towards Web3 will be propelled by scalability, and that’s exactly what Solana is solving. Solana is already working with some of the top teams in the industry and is ready to welcome the next wave of partners. Solana is thrilled to introduce Wormhole, a secure, decentralized bridge connecting Ethereum to Solana.

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