Solana Hacker House Hong Kong

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Solana Hacker House Hong Kong

About the Event

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The Solana x Circle Hacker House is a four-day offline event with in-person guidance from core Solana Labs engineers, as well as mentorship from other ecosystem teams. 

During the event, you can expect:

  • Informative educational programming around how to get started on Solana, DeFi, and NFTs, as well as workshops, panels, and presentations from ecosystem teams. 

  • Plenty of time to work on your project, meet new people, find team members for your idea, or join an existing team.

  • Advice and support from core Solana Lab engineers, plus a demo day at the end.

  • An opportunity for conversation, connection, and learning.

  • A venue with good WiFi, power, and workstations, plus all-day food and lounges to relax.

  • Exclusive evening events that are open to all participants.

This Solana x Circle Hacker Houses is open to all builders who register ahead of time. Please register early if you plan to attend — it’s first come, first serve!

Registration will be open on site at the Hacker House every day from 10:00AM - 7:00PM


  • ​Day -1: 10AM - 9PM - Welcome and Talks on All things Solana

  • ​Day -2: 10AM - 9PM - Workshops, Talks & Panels

  • ​Day -3: 10AM - 9PM - Workshops, Talks & Panels

  • ​Day -4: 10AM - 8:00PM - DEMO & VC PITCH DAY!


Solana x Circle Hacker House是一個為期四天的線下活動,由Solana Labs核心工程師提供現場指導,同時還有來自其他生態系統團隊的導師支持。




來自Solana Labs核心工程師的建議和支持,以及活動結束時的演示日。




Solana x Circle Hacker House對提前註冊的所有構建者開放。如果您計劃參加,請盡早註冊 - 先到先得!

註冊將在Hacker House現場每天上午10:00 - 下午7:00開放


第一天:上午10:00 - 晚上9:00 - 歡迎辭和有關Solana的演講

第二天:上午10:00 - 晚上9:00 - 研討會、演講和座談會

第三天:上午10:00 - 晚上9:00 - 研討會、演講和座談會

第四天:上午10:00 - 晚上8:00 - 演示和VC路演日!

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