January Chicago BootCamp

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January Chicago BootCamp

About the Event

The Solana Foundation Chicago Bootcamp is a 11-day offline event with in-person workshops and building alongside core Solana Labs engineers. There will be various projects to work on throughout the Bootcamp followed by a demo day at the end to showcase your projects.

The Bootcamp will run from 10am-9pm daily, with limited capacity we will only be selecting up to 40 applicants. Please register early if you plan to attend.

What you can expect from the Bootcamp:

  • Informative educational programming on Solana and building complex DeFi and NFT protocols on top of Solana blockchain. We will also be incorporating workshops, panels, and presentations from partners. 

  • Create and deploy applications.

  • Advice and support from core Solana Lab engineers, plus a demo day on the last. 

  • The opportunity to advance your technical skills on building on Solana.

  • Build in a co-working environment with good WiFi, power, and workstations and all-day food.

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