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How the Solana Foundation and greater community are building a better, more energy-efficient web3.


Average energy used per Solana transaction, in Joules

5 749

Average energy used per Solana nonvoting transaction, in Joules

9 162

Annual carbon footprint, in tons of CO2


Net carbon impact

How Solana’s energy use stacks up

Compare Solana’s extremely efficient platform.

One Solana (voting + non-voting) transaction [0.658kJ]

Solana Foundation

Neutralizing Solana’s carbon impact

The Solana Foundation is committed to studying the impact of the Solana blockchain, open-sourcing the data, and taking steps to bring the chain’s footprint to zero.

Solana is the first smart-contract layer 1 blockchain with real-time energy emissions tracking, enabling anyone in the world to examine the network’s emissions down to the validator or RPC level.

A climate-focused ecosystem

What you can do