Governance that just works

Solana’s high transaction throughput, low latency, efficiency, and ultra-low fees make it the perfect place to bring people together.


DAOs created


In funds managed by DAOs


Average transaction fees (stats as of 2/01/22)

Start Building

Reference implementations for DAO primitives are built and audited. Get started below.

Why Solana

Go bigger, faster, smarter, and with better tools.

Voting, without the cost

Become an active participant of your communities without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on transaction fees.

The lowest fees

High fees, no more. Each Solana transaction costs a fraction of a penny — which makes participating in a DAO much easier.

A single state, by design

Solana is built for interoperability — it horizontally scales while maintaining a shared state. Connecting to Solana is seamless.

Built to grow

The SPL governance program is designed with extendability, plugins, and integrations in mind.

Solana’s blazing speed and low fees scale as the ecosystem grows without sacrificing censorship resistance or security.

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