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Project Ideas

While we encourage hackathon participants to build novel projects that can become a fully-featured product, we have compiled a list of project ideas for builders free to explore that span a variety of use cases spanning DeFi (Decentralized Finance), blockchain gaming, Payments, DAOs, and Web3. The following is a list of ideas sourced from the Solana community and ecosystem projects. Take a look if you're in need of some inspiration!


Overview: Here

  • Loyalty program on chain

    • You’ve likely gotten a stamp card for Buy 10 get 1 free at a café. This is a way to replicate that digitally and with crypto.

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  • On-chain points program

    • Replicate points programs on the blockchain. Users gather points for purchases of certain goods, and can use them to get discounts, enter gated experiences or get access to exclusive products.

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  • Collateral pay (buy now pay later)

    • This gives the opportunity to temporarily lock crypto assets like SOL as collateral instead of paying up front for an item.

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  • NFT rewards

    • The combination of digital, NFT products with physical goods unlocks a whole new world of shopping experiences and purchase incentives.

    • In this flow a pair of shoes comes with a unique NFT version of them along with it, which is automatically added to the user’s wallet on checkout.

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  • NFT Coupons

    • Targeting the right consumer is challenging with traditional coupons. NFT based coupons give a more manageable and digital way to provide loyalty incentives which can be tracked across the blockchain.

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  • Remittances: A simple way for recipients of tokens overseas to turn those tokens into something they can use on-the-ground in low-connectivity environments.

  • Streaming Cashflows on Solana: Build a protocol that leverages Solana Pay to enable subscriptions, salary payouts, and rewards that streams continuous transactions at the speed of Solana.


  • Composable NFTs: Build infra and an interface to enable NFTs to combine together. One example could be an NFT that changes attributes based on the change of attributes of another NFT. This use case could be used in a game or to grant access to a community.

  • Stealth Mint NFTs: Build a set of tools that enable stealth mints that release the minting smart contract at the time or shortly before the NFT mint goes “live” to the public. Stealth mints could be used to prevent bots from having access to the smart contract and mint link ahead of the drop time to make tampering more difficult and allow for a fair drop.

  • Time-release NFTs: Utilize Pyth oracle data streams and Metaplex to create NFTs that drop or evolve based on real world events. These could apply to NFTs related to sports, weather, financial markets, and more.


All of the ideas are here.


Fixed-rate loans: Build a lending protocol that allows users to lock in a fixed rate of interest over a specified period of time.

No-loss lottery: Build a platform for users to deposit a variety of tokens into a pool and then connect the pool to a Solana lending protocol which aggregates funds and rewards the interest to a winner over a period of time.

Weekend equity prediction market: Build a prediction market protocol that is feed data from Pyth oracles that enables users to bet on the price of equities while the markets are closed, weekends or off hours during the week.

Volatility index product: Compute implied vol. or black scholes from Serum market data to build volatility products

Index funds: Build a protocol that allows users to bundle tokens together into a tradable token that can be categorized by token type. Top 5 DeFi tokens, NFT fund, etc.

Slashing Insurance: A simple insurance protocol where the community can provide insurance for validators against the risk of being slashed

Generalized Insurance Protocol: Build out a protocol that allows for smart contract insurance, DeFi risk insurance, etc.

Serum analytics tools: E.g. Skew but for Serum.

Institutional Trading API for trading directly on Serum


On-chain subscriptions: A build a protocol that is a factory for any app to create on-chain payment streaming and subscriptions.

Solana App store: Build a decentralized app store of all solana projects with a DAO structure for decision making

Smart contract wallet: Make a wallet where you send tokens to a program account that has certain parameters baked into the program itself

Simple on-chain royalty splits - Allow creators to easily add royalty share after the NFT is already minted (for existing NFTs).

On-chain carbon: Connect the carbon market to web3 and tokenize carbon credits, so they are easy bought and sold on chain.

Next Generation YouTube: Build a user-generating video streaming platform on-chain, where creators can vote to control the economics of the system

Patreon On-Chain: Hundreds of thousands of creators use Patreon for a sustainable source of income, but now that they're there, they're stuck. They have no recourse when fees change and can't move their fan base to a different platform without risking a big chunk of their livelihood. An on-chain version of Patreon would give creators the opportunity to earn a sustainable living directly from their fans, take more income home, and give them the choice to easily move platforms.

Web2-like login and registration for NFT apps: Fork Audius’ Hedgehog protocol to enable dapps to embed an email and password sign up/login flow that gives non-crypto users easy onboarding into your NFT-related application.

Creator Tokens to Create DAOs: Leverage Wumbo protocol to enable artists, influencers, musicians, etc. to form communities around creator tokens that connect with DAO tooling through the SPL-governance system as well as protocols like Grape for token gated access to community portals.


Fee Comparison tool: Build an interface that tracks and compares cost to execute something given certain parameters across various DeFi platforms. Parameters include desired spread, transaction fees, trading pair set. Can also track total value saved in transaction fees/spread vs. other layer 1 protocols

Build typechain for solana -- so use program IDL to generate typescript types for on-chain accounts.

Build a protocol that creates one or more value capture mechanisms for standard pyth/chainlink style price feeds.

OpenZeppelin defender style product for solana -- so use anchor and web3.js solana to build cloud suite.

Circom for solana.