Solana Wormhole Hackathon

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First Place

Structured Products

Structured products in traditional finance are simply a combination of two or more financial instruments that comprise a single product that pays out based on the performance of the underlying assets. The Structured Products team built a system which allows users to match and lock single deposits with the shared goal of executing a particular trading strategy, coupled with position management bots that read and respond to Serum DEX’s market data.

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Jabber is a p2p messaging platform built on Solana. The app allows users to send end-to-end encrypted messages to any valid Solana address. The app converts signing keys to Curve25519 to encrypt messages. The Jabber team leveraged Solana’s high-throughput to put most of the functionality all on-chain.

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StableSwap brings Curve to Solana! The team modified Solana's Solana token-swap program by implementing Curve's StableSwap invariant. The live app allows users to trade highly-correlated SPL tokens in a familiar swap interface.

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Fantasy Football

Solana Fantasy Sports is a fully onchain app where users can start a league by setting an entry amount in SOL. Friends join by paying an entry fee and then choose players in the initial draft. Users can swap players during the game, and scores are published weekly by owner wallets fetched from an API. The highest scorer in each league gets to withdraw the entry amount collected.

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Second Place

Solong Extension

Solong is a slick new extension browser that allows users to interact with any application on Solana or in the Serum ecosystem. It also included the ability to mint new SPL tokens directly within the UI.

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SoproX is a tool that helps developers to conveniently create a Solana Rust-based program (SRP) with no build configuration. To simplify Solana’s program development, the team created a solution for developers to immediately bootstrap their programs. There are several built-in templates with many levels of readability in SoproX, including a Hello World instance for new developers to learn Solana.

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P2P Wallet

The P2P Org team built a bundle of open-source Solana wallet implementations, written for iOS, Android, and a web browser version. The team leveraged Solana, Serum, and Bonfida infrastructure.

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SolGSN is a gas station implementation for Solana. The platform allows users to do fee-less transactions, where the dApp creator pays fees on behalf of the user. This gives dApp creators more flexibility to provide a more seamless user experience. Also, the dApp and user can add or withdraw credits at any time.

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IdentitySwap is an Automatic Money Market (AMM) dApp that demonstrates the concept of decentralized identity on the Solana SPL Token-Swap program. The program connects with Civic’s identity verification system.

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Third Place

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We recorded all of the events hosted during the hackathon and have uploaded them to YouTube. Watch them below.


First Place

  • 4 teams of $30k USDC-SPL
  • One custom mechanical keyboard (only 10 will ever be made)
  • Custom North Face jackets for all team members

Second Place

  • 5 teams of $10k USDC-SPL
  • One pair of Solana socks for each team member
  • One pair of AirPods Pro for each team member

Third Place

  • 5 teams of $5k USDC-SPL
  • One pair of Solana socks for each team member
  • One Solana vacuum sealed water bottle for each team member

All project submissions

$100 and a swag bag


The Wormhole Hackathon is a competition where projects will be evaluated by judges on their technological merits without consideration of legal viability. Participants in the Hackathon will create software solely for purposes of evaluation by judges as part of a competition and not for commercial deployment or release as part of the Hackathon.

Solana does not encourage, induce or sanction the use of any software application in violation of applicable laws and regulations by offering prizes to participants in the Hackathon. All participants must comply with applicable laws and regulations when releasing any software that they develop as part of the Hackathon.

The Hackathon ideas and developer resources that Solana provides are for educational and inspiration purposes only. Solana does not encourage, induce or sanction the deployment of any such applications in violation of applicable laws or regulations.

SOL payments will have value per tokens determined by the exchange rate on the date of payment.