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  • Solana Tech - Main Solana Discord channel
    • build-a-team - Find other builders to form a team
    • hack-general - General discussion and questions about the hackathon


  • Solana Cookbook

    • Essential concepts and code snippets for building applications on Solana.
  • Solana Course

    • Quickstart your Solana development with this course
  • Solana Playground

    • Web IDE to quickly test and debug Solana smart contracts.
  • Anchor Book

    • Collection of Anchor documentation and references.


Developer Support


RPC Infrastructure

Solana Public RPCs

  • Mainnet -
  • Devnet -

Public RPC Rate limits


Alchemy is the leading web3 developer platform used by blockchain trailblazers including OpenSea and Adobe.

Alchemy Supernode provides developers with reliable Solana infrastructure, so they can quickly launch, iterate and scale dApps on Solana.

Alchemy also offers a free tier including full Solana API support, archive data, and no daily request limits.

Sign up for Alchemy's full suite of Solana developer tooling for your hackathon project to unlock speedy development, easy debugging and ample usage.


Syndica supports the next generation of DApp developers and provides access to scalable RPC nodes instantly. Use their logs and analytics to get X-Ray vision into your DApp and optimize your user experience. Check out more of their product at

Sign up for the Syndica free plan

You can ask technical questions on their discord server in the #dev-support channel!


QuickNode helps companies build, deploy, and scale any blockchain-based application. We power more than 70B monthly Solana requests as the #1 RPC provider for the ecosystem. We also offer access to archive data, NFT data, and event monitoring through our higher-level Solana APIs.

Signup for our free tier here , or request a coupon code here for a paid plan. Summer Camp participants get two months free of our Scale plan ($598 value) for best in class performance globally. If you have technical questions along the way, feel free to reach out in our Telegram group for Solana x QN Hackers.