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$10M AI Grants Fund
ChatGPT Plugin for Solana
An ecosystem of builders at intersection of AI + Web3
Why AI on the Blockchain?

Solana is built for scale — a blockchain with low costs, high speeds, minimal energy impact, and easy user experience. AI could reduce that friction even further, opening up the power of decentralization to millions of people by making it even easier to use.

A $10M Grant Fund

Apply for Solana Foundation's $10M grant fund to support builders exploring the intersection of the Solana blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Must be publicly available for others to use
Grants up to $25k
Must have source code available to the Foundation
Apply for a GrantApply for the grant and select the "AI" category on your application.

Use for SolanaSolana Labs and

A ChatGPT Plugin for Solana

Solana Labs has created an open-source reference implementation for a ChatGPT plugin that lets users interact with the Solana network directly from ChatGPT. Users will be able to check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and even purchase NFTs using the plugin.

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