Day 1 at Breakpoint: Firedancer, AWS, Google Cloud, and more!

by Solana Foundation

Day 1 at Breakpoint: Firedancer, AWS, Google Cloud, and more!

What an incredible Day 1 at Breakpoint! The energy is electric, the ideas are flowing, and the Solana community is stronger than ever. Here’s a recap of today's standout moments.

Session Highlights

  • During Solana Labs CEO and Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko's opening keynote address, Dan Albert, executive director at the Solana Foundation, revealed that the first version of Firedancer — the ground-up rebuild of a Solana client by Jump Crypto that blew minds at Breakpoint 2022 — is now live on testnet.
  • From the developer stage, Solana nodes are now available for quick deployment on AWS with the help of infrastructure as code app in AWS Blockchain Node Runners repository. Learn more here.
  • Sling unveiled their peer to peer payments platform, running on USDC.
  • Solana data is now live on Google Cloud BigQuery, Google Cloud's serverless data warehouse and excels in machine learning, AI, and business intelligence. 
  • At the Innovator Stage, Solana Labs announced that GameShift, their web3 game API, was now in an open beta.
  • Breakpoint 2024 is scheduled for Sept. 19-21, 2024 in Singapore!
  • See all Day 1 panels here.

Event Highlights


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