From Racing to Strategy, PlayGG Hosts a Wide Variety of Game Types and Experiences

by Solana Foundation

From Racing to Strategy, PlayGG Hosts a Wide Variety of Game Types and Experiences

It’s just under one month until PlayGG, a community-first celebration of games and innovation happening July 18 and 19, 2023, at the JULEP Venue in San Diego. The Solana Foundation is excited to highlight another ten games that attendees will have the opportunity to experience during the marquee event. This is a free event and all ages are welcome — bring your family, friends, and teammates to experience the world of blockchain gaming. Register HERE.

In the first blog of this series, Bladerite, Star Atlas, Genopets, Aurory, and Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) were showcased. Today, we take a closer look at BR1, Honeyland, MixMob, Eternal Dragons, Tinies, Monkey League,, Alpha League Racing, Photo Finish Live, and StepN.

PlayGG will feature:

  • Dozens of polished demos of real, fun, and playable games built on Solana.
  • Livestreams with game personalities like y4splz and alliestrasza_.
  • Tournaments with G2 Esports.
  • Talks and workshops from builders of these cutting edge blockchain games.
  • A relaxed family-friendly atmosphere and local food trucks for lunch and free refreshments throughout the day.

Alpha League Racing

Alpha League Racing is an independent, community-owned racing game. It offers multiple game modes, seasonal competitions, and special events with real rewards. Available on desktop and mobile, the game is constantly evolving through collaboration with the community.

The game aims to pioneer the path for independent games in the blockchain gaming landscape by creating meaningful, exciting, and engaging gaming mechanisms that leverage decentralization.

Meet Alpha League Racing CEO, Manu, at PlayGG to play the game, test out the exclusive new track builder, and discuss plans for the future!


BRAVO READY is a two part game studio and success studio. Their flagship AAA game, BR1:INFINITE, is the world's first risk-based shooter where gamers pay-to-spawn and kill-to-earn.

At PlayGG, the BRAVO READY team will be introducing its second title. Mini Arena is a WebGL, top-down shooter that utilizes similar pay-to-spawn, kill-to-earn mechanics as BR1: INFINITE but in a more accessible gaming environment.

Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons is a free-to-play auto-battler developed by Trailblazer Games. The game offers a diverse range of dragons and minions, each boasting unique abilities and strengths, allowing players to strategically assemble their teams for triumphant outcomes.

From engaging in new PvE challenges on a weekly basis to participating in exhilarating PvP battles and putting their skills to the test in esports-style tournaments, players have ample opportunities to compete against opponents from around the globe, climb the leaderboards, and claim well-deserved rewards.

At PlayGG, the team will proudly showcase the complete suite of game modes, allowing players to immerse themselves in the latest PvE Challenge mode. Whether you experience Eternal Dragons on desktop, via the Android APK, or the upcoming Solana Saga dApp, the exciting adventure awaits. is a highly accessible, free-to-play, first-person shooter developed by Enthusiast Gaming. It takes inspiration from "Bungie-style" shooters like Halo and Destiny.

Type four letters into your browser ( and experience a variety of game modes, including PvP, PvE, private games, over 35 maps and 20+ weapons and more.

Key features of include:

  • A large and active player base, with over 400,000 registered users.
  • A highly-accessible design that can be played on almost any device.
  • A free to pay model with optional NFT skins that earn additional rewards.
  • A strong competitive community, with regular tournaments and organized matches.

PlayGG attendees will be able to play and compete for prizes.


Honeyland is live and available on the Android and iOS App Stores, and the Solana dApp Store. Within the app or “Honeyverse,” players are able to complete strategic missions such as harvesting, hunting, attacking other players' hives, and breeding to earn NFTs and other rewards.

During PlayGG, players will be able to buzz around the venue playing the game and will have a chance to meet the Honeyland team.


Experience Mario Kart meets Clash Royale with MixMob: Racer 1. Combining the best of synchronous card strategy and battle racing games, this 3-minute competitive experience allows players to compete in tournaments for glory and rewards on the quest to save humanity from the rogue A.I., HELIX-9. Join the resistance, embrace MixMob’s digital collectibles, and race your way to victory.

Unlock everything the universe has to offer:

  • MixMob: Racer 1 is now in closed beta.
  • Sharpen your card strategy and racing skills in the browser-based Free-Play Mode.
  • Join live tournaments to bag tokens, digital collectibles and more.
  • Introducing MixBots: racing sidekicks with amazing benefits. All PlayGG attendees can claim MixBot Power 4 Allowlist, the rarest tier. Visit the MixMob team to secure your spot.

Unleash the power of your Masks and MixBots to become a racing legend.

Monkey League

Currently live with the Alpha and built as a free-to-play and web3 game, MonkeyLeague is a fast strategy-based soccer game where you build your dream team of MonkeyAthletes, play matches, compete in tournaments, and climb the Leagues!

Developed by UnCaged StudiosMonkeyLeague Soccer is the first in a franchise of mobile sports games that will leverage the same pool of interoperable MonkeyAthlete NFTs.

At Solana PlayGG, get a sneak peak as MonkeyLeague will debut the pre-Beta game version! Sign up now to play and compete against the best in non stop challenges and tournaments.

Photo Finish Live

Photo Finish™ LIVE immerses players in a thrilling world where they can compete against real-life owners, cultivate their own stable of champions through breeding, and even have the chance to win real money prizes.

At the heart of Photo Finish™ lies a genetics-based breeding system powered by NFT-based horse genetics. This allows players to experience the excitement of creating generations of unique offspring.

Recently, Third Time inked a multi-year partnership with Churchill Downs that makes Photo Finish™ both the Official Game of the Kentucky Derby and home of the Virtual Kentucky Derby.


Tinies is a fast-paced, solo and team-based battle arena game where players compete in various game modes to defeat opposing teams.

The game features different game modes, including Madness, Teams, 1v1, and more to come:

  • Madness: Players have to fight each other individually and have the best kill to death ratio to emerge victorious.
  • Teams: A 3 v 3 mode where each team has to get the best kill to death ratio to emerge victorious.
  • 1 v 1: A solo battle against the opponent in which the winner is determined by who has the most kills.

Players can unlock and upgrade Tinies using in-game currency, grinding the season pass, and opening boxes to obtain new Tinnies, skins, and other items. The game also offers a competitive mode called "Tinies Leaderboard," where top players that have bought the premium battle pass have access to big prizes.


STEPN is the world’s leading move-and-earn application that gets people moving. The app uses crypto-fueled rewards to encourage users exercise, whereby users buy a non-fungible token (NFT) of a virtual sneaker, sync their phones, and receive rewards when they walk, jog, or run.

Launched in 2022, STEPN has fast become one of the most popular web3 apps with a thriving community. While users of other play-to-earn web3 apps have dropped, STEPN has attracted two to three million active users each month. The game recently integrated Apple Pay, allowing in-app purchases of NFTs in one click without a decentralized wallet.

Download STEPN on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today, and get your hands on a activation code via Discord to start playing.