New leadership on the Solana Foundation Council

by Solana Foundation

New leadership on the Solana Foundation Council

The Solana Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Solana ecosystem, announces leadership changes to its five-seat Foundation Council.

First, the Solana Foundation announces that Anatoly Yakovenko, a co-founder of Solana Labs, has stepped down from his role as President and member of the Solana Foundation Council to focus on launching new applications on top of Solana at Solana Labs, effective December 2021. Yakovenko is one of the chief architects of the Solana protocol, and has been a member of the Solana Foundation’s council since its founding.

Second, to ensure continuity of high-quality leadership and usher in the next chapter at the Solana Foundation, the Solana Foundation has appointed Leopold Schabel to the Foundation Council, effective contemporaneously. As a leader at Jump Crypto and a co-founder of Certus One, a blockchain consulting firm that provided validation service to the Solana ecosystem as well as other proof of stake networks, Schabel will support the Solana Foundation as it works to further decentralize and add more validators to the network.

“The Solana Foundation has done so much to help the ecosystem grow into the vibrant network it is today — but there’s still a lot of work to be done,” Schabel said. “Solana is pushing technological boundaries in so many ways, and the Foundation plays an important role in advancing fundamental research and development in the ecosystem. I’m looking forward to supporting the community even more as a member of the Foundation Council.”

The Solana Foundation looks forward to working with Schabel to bring about the decentralized, blockchain-powered future.