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Monthly community update | November 2021

Monthly community update | November 2021

The latest news from the Solana ecosystem — November 2021 edition!

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Proof of History: How Solana brings time to crypto

Got the time? Solana does — and it’s part of the reason why it is the most performant blockchain.

Solana’s Energy Use Report: November 2021

The average Solana transaction takes less energy than many other common household activities.

The future of social, search, and the metaverse: What happened at Solana Breakpoint 2021

Breakpoint was three days of workshops, talks, and big news. Here’s the TL;DR.

Meet the winners of Solana IGNITION

With over 500+ project submissions from builders around the world!

Crypto and the metaverse with Packy McCormick of Not Boring

What happens after you make a $2 million+ mistake? You hold it. Anatoly Yakovenko speaks to Not Boring’s Packy McCormick.

Monthly community update | September 2021

The latest news from the Solana ecosystem — September 2021 edition!

Jonathan Schemoul of on the future of web3

Anatoly Yakovenko speaks to founder Jonathan Schemoul about building the infrastructure of web3.

How Solana is like Netflix: Kyle Samani on the ‘Business Breakdown’ Podcast

Multicoin Capital’s Kyle Samani joined ‘Business Breakdown’s’ Patrick O'Shaughnessy to, well, break down how Solana is facing the future.

9-14 Network Outage Initial Overview

On September 14th, the Solana network was offline for 17 hours. No funds were lost, and the network returned to full functionality in under 24 hours.