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9-14 Network Outage Initial Overview

9-14 Network Outage Initial Overview

On September 14th, the Solana network was offline for 17 hours. No funds were lost, and the network returned to full functionality in under 24 hours.

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Mark your ‘Star Atlas:’ Everything you need to know about the upcoming AAA blockchain game

“Star Atlas,” CEO Mike Wagner admits, “is more complex than it sounds.”

Announcing the Breakpoint Global Fellows Program

Solana Labs, in partnership with Jump Crypto, is proud to announce the Breakpoint Global Fellows Program.

Need ideas for the IGNITION Hackathon? Start here.

Find out what the ecosystem needs, according to Anatoly Yakovenko and Kyle Samani.

Anatoly Yakovenko talks decentralization, developer community at UDC 2021

The Solana Labs co-founder and CEO answered questions from the audience. Here’s the TLDR.

Solana Summer

The $21B Blockchain and the Arrow of Time This post originally appeared on August 23rd on Packy McCormick's [] Not Boring [], and was reprinted with permission. Hi friends 👋, Happy Monday! We’re breaking some Not Boring rules here today, and I want to explain why. Thus far, I’ve only done Sponsored Deep Dives on Thursdays, never Monday. As a reminder, you can read how I choose what companies to write Sponsored Deep Dives on

Getting Started with Solana Development

In this article you’ll learn about some of the very high level topics related to Solana development such as myths, development workflows, programs, dApps [,control%20of%20a%20single%20authority.] (decentralized application), and client SDKs that will give you a clear path to developing on Solana. This article is intended for developers that are new to Solana

Announcing Breakpoint: the annual Solana conference

Announcing Breakpoint: the annual Solana conference

Announcing the Solana Creator Fund

Announcing the Solana Creator Fund

Announcing winners of the Solana Season Hackathon

Over 13,000 builders registered for the hackathon and 350 teams submitted projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and beyond.