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Solana’s Energy Use Report: September 2022

Solana’s Energy Use Report: September 2022

Overall network emissions increased while emissions per validator decreased, reflecting new measurements of e-waste, improved methodology, and validator network growth.

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Monthly Community Update | September 2022

Meet the winners of the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon and more headlines from the community.

Meet the winners of the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon

Open to teams globally, Solana Summer Camp saw nearly 18,000 participants submit 750 final projects to the judges.

Monthly Community Update | August 2022

Neo Fairies is trying to change NFT incentives, and more stories from the Solana ecosystem.

Validator Health Report: August 2022

A data-driven analysis of the health of the Solana validator network

8/2/2022 Slope Wallet Incident Update

If you are a user of Slope, or have ever previously imported seed phrases into Slope, your wallet may be compromised. Please take the steps outlined in the Mitigation section. Starting at 08-02-2022 22:37 UTC and continuing for ~4 hours, a malicious attacker or attackers drained 9,231 wallets [] of approximately $4.1 million worth of assets. On-chain transaction show that private keys for the affected wallets had been leaked or compromised, and were u

Monthly Community Update | July 2022

SMS' lead engineer explains, plus other news and headlines from the Solana community.

Welcome to the Solana Summer Camp Online Hackathon

It’s time to build with up to $5 million in prizes and seed funding.

Hit the Road to Breakpoint with more Solana x Jump Hacker Houses

Build towards Breakpoint at a Solana x Jump Hacker House.

Solana Mobile debuts Saga, a flagship Android phone for web3

Flagship Android phone from Solana Mobile showcases innovations needed to bring web3 to billions of mobile users