Solana data goes live on Google Cloud BigQuery

by Solana Foundation

Solana data goes live on Google Cloud BigQuery

At Breakpoint 2022 in Lisbon, Google Cloud announced it was adding Solana data to the BigQuery public data set program. BigQuery is Google Cloud’s serverless and cost-effective data warehouse with a built-in Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) that provides insights at scale.

As of today, the Solana dataset is now available on BigQuery. You can view it here.

“The Solana ecosystem is growing rapidly, generating new innovations, data, and insights each day,” said Dan Albert, executive director of the Solana Foundation. “With this tremendous growth comes an increasing need for the Solana community and the web3 industry at large to have fast and easy access to the insights and data produced on our network, and we’re proud that the Foundation has helped Google Cloud make Solana more accessible, transparent, and open.”

Google Cloud BigQuery is a resource that allows anyone – from developers to entrepreneurs to legacy enterprises – to access archival data and analytical insights. Google Cloud has been advancing its support for the broader blockchain ecosystem for some time and expanded its services to additional blockchains last month. Users can reference a wealth of blockchain data and query a number of chains to answer complex questions regarding transactions, minted NFTs, wallets, and more. 

Adding Solana to BigQuery’s public dataset program marks a major milestone in the Solana ecosystem’s mission to equip developers and Web3 consumers with the insights they need to build more efficiently and creatively on Solana. By leveraging Bigtable, Google’s distributed data storage service, in tandem with BigQuery, the Solana ecosystem is able to provide transparent and secure access to archival data from the Solana network through Google Cloud. 

The announcement is also part of a recent string of news about institutional infrastructure support for the Solana ecosystem, including Visa’s announcement of an expanded stablecoin pilot to Solana and the approval of the Solana Pay x Shopify app.

Read on for more information on how teams like Floor — a multichain NFT app — are taking advantage of BigQuery’s public availability for more comprehensive analytics.

Floor enables new use cases

Google Cloud’s BigQuery data is an ecosystem-wide effort, and new use cases are already emerging. For example, multichain NFT marketplace Floor is leveraging BigQuery to analyze Solana NFTs sold on their platform to Google Cloud BigQuery.

“There's a lot of interesting data that's slightly off chain, but related to onchain data that today, isn't very available,” said Chris Maddern, co-founder and CEO of Floor.

NFT data in the Solana ecosystem has traditionally been difficult to parse for the average user, or only available at a high level. By taking the data publicly available onchain — sales, for example — with some of Floor’s proprietary information — bids, for example — analysts and other users can take a deeper look into what is happening in the world of Solana NFTs.

The initial dataset only includes data specifically about Solana NFTs from the beginning of 2023, but for Floor, it’s an exciting new step into the open, transparent promise of web3.

“[The Solana community] is thinking ahead and leading and innovating on making an open ecosystem, and this felt like the right place for us to try it out and see what happens,” said Maddern. “We're excited to share something back to the community that has welcomed us with open arms.”

Learn more about Google BigQuery’s Solana dataset: