Solana Ecosystem News

by Solana Foundation

Solana Ecosystem News

A look into the growing number of projects building on Solana. This post will be updated on a bi-weekly basis with the latest news.

There are now over 120 projects in the Solana ecosystem and counting! To celebrate these milestones, the Solana Foundation will be releasing a bi-weekly ecosystem update highlighting the vast array of projects using the Solana blockchain. Among these projects include unique wallet solutions, decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, staking platforms, digital games, storage solutions, and much more.

The Solana ecosystem continues to grow stronger each day and we want to ensure the community gets notified of all the new projects entering the ecosystem, as well as key updates from existing teams. It’s been quite the journey and we are excited to have you with us. For anyone thinking about building on Solana, currently part of the Solana ecosystem, or anyone curious for more information please visit On this page, you can apply for a grant, submit your project to be listed, and browse all builders in the Solana ecosystem.

Ecosystem Highlights Volume Four

  • The SushiSwap community votes to integrate Raydium into the Sushi ecosystem
  • USDT is now natively supported on Solana
  • PARISQ integration with Solana is now live on their web portal
  • DeFi Prime Brokerage Protocol and cross-chain decentralized wallet, Oxygen, launches on Solana/Serum.
  • Mango Markets shares their vision to merge the liquidity and usability of CeFi with the permissionless innovation of DeFi
  • Civic announces plans to migrate their identity infrastructure to Solana. The integration will allow for improved privacy, regulatory compliance and ease-of-use as digital identity takes center stage as the cornerstone of the new wave of consumer-first blockchain infrastructure
  • Raydium surpasses 100M in TVL
  • 13 billion transactions, 69 million slots, 63 million blocks, and 55 trillion hashes later, the Solana mainnet beta turns one year old
  • Orca, an AMM aggregator of liquidity pools, launches on Solana. Orca’s innovative DEX user experience displays up-to-date token balances without browser extensions and checks prices against CoinGecko, alerting users of discrepancies before they trade.
  • MXC commits to integrating USDC issued on Solana
  • Star Atlas releases their first newsletter, The Atlassian, outlining roadmap details going into more depth around the Star Atlas universe.
  • Coin98 Wallet adds native support for USDT on both desktop and mobile
  • Audius breaks 3.5M MAUs and announces plans for NFT integration. The Audius Passport: Accessing NFTs and beyond directly from the Audius platform.

Ecosystem Highlights Volume Three

  • Project Serum breaks 1 billion in volume since inception
  • Raydium launches on Serum/Solana as the first AMM to leverage a fully decentralized central limit order book
  • Moonlet Wallet adds mobile support for staking $SOL
  • The Graph announces future support for Solana. The decentralized API feeds provided by The Graph will make it easier for dapps on Solana to act on cross-chain events, and query historic chain data with a high degree of confidence.
  • integrates with Solana to help enable developers building on Solana access to’s decentralized cloud services.
  • Hxro chooses Solana to build out a fully decentralized network for simplifies on-chain derivatives. Hxro Networks is building a series of light exotic and vanilla options protocols designed to power simple, low cost, and scalable options trading solutions with the full roadmap going live this week
  • Star Atlas continues the development of its gaming mechanisms and in-game designs
  • Tether mints the first USDT-SPL token on Solana
  • BRZ, the largest Brazilian stablecoin, incorporates into the Solana network for cheaper and faster transactions.

Ecosystem Highlights Volume Two

  • Project Serum breaks 600M in trading volume since inception.
  • Chainlink distributes grant to Cdot to build high-performance oracles on Solana.
  • Kin migrates over 10 million user accounts to the Solana network.
  • Maps.Me adds wallet integration on Solana/Serum and introduces their MAPS token, bringing their 100M user base to Solana.
  • Solible, the NFT marketplace integrated with Bonfida, pushes a slick UX overhaul.
  • Trust Wallet adds support for USDC-SPL, providing the fastest and cheapest way to transfer USDC.
  • Bonfida continues to add increased functionality. Users can now add and delete token accounts directly from the Balances page.
  • Decentology adds Solana integration allowing developers to accelerate their blockchain development journey with customized, full-stack source code.
  • Solong Wallet launches Solana development tutorial for new builders.
  • Star Atlas announces it will be building on Solana to develop the future of blockchain driven metaverse gaming.
  • launches a new, community-driven blockchain explorer.
  • Velas announces plans to leverage the Solana codebase to improve their speed.

Ecosystem Highlights Volume One

  • SOL Survivor launched on Mainnet providing an on-chain street fighter style game on Solana.
  • Oxygen, a DeFi prime brokerage protocol built on Serum was announced.
  • Bonfida and Frontier teamed up to expand the NFT ecosystem on Solana.
  • Solong Wallet outlined its overall goal and vision to become the go-to wallet on Solana.
  • Kin officially started their migration to Solana
  • The SOLAR bridge connecting Arweave to Solana is now complete.
  • Trust Wallet announces support for SPL tokens
  • dfuse launches an on-chain SPL Token Registry for Solana
  • Luna DEX officially launched on Solana
  • Circle and Visa partner to bring USDC payments to the Visa network

You can find the entire list of 100+ Solana Ecosystem projects here.

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