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Follow these guidelines when promoting Solana in marketing communications, including advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions.

For full brand guidelines please see Solana Foundation Brand Guidelines.

Solana Brand


Solana’s wordmark is constructed from custom-built, modular type. The angular and uniform lettering take cues from 1980s tech aesthetics, updated to feel fresh and futuristic. The logomark is created by stacking three identical parallelograms. It conveys speed and celebrates the concept of building.


A certain amount of space is needed around the logomark to prevent it from becoming cluttered by surrounding artwork, images, or the edge of a page. Below are the minimum spacings for both logomark and wordmark.

Logo Dont’s

Here are some things you should never do with the Solana logomark.

Don’t add shadows behind the logo

Don’t add outlines to the logo

Don’t stretch the logo

Don’t apply logo in low resolution

Don’t use logo as a frame for imagery

Don’t place on low contrast colors


solana gradient


solana purple


solana green



Download assets

Main logotype



Vertical lockup

Foundation logotype

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