Project Description

Payments in crypto is still not a popular use case. This product has the power to change that. By reducing the friction of sharing wallet addresses for people to accept payments in crypto, wagmi.bio provides the one-stop gateway for people to start accepting payments in it. wagmi.bio provides additional payment tools like payment requests, transaction messages, notifications, invoicing, analytics and more. For testing, you may register a professional plan link at: https://wagmi.bio/ From there, your link would be active if the payment gets confirmed, and anyone would be able to pay your directly from it. In the dashboard (wagmi.bio/dashboard), you'll see all your links, the transactions, the ability to create a new invoice, see payment requests, update notification services, and more.

Additional Information

I plan to automate the fiat on-ramp for people who own a wagmi link. People would be able to pay a link in fiat, and the owner would receive in Solana or SPL tokens on the other end. This will be achieved using a third party service. Showcase link: https://twitter.com/kb24x7/status/1504442426404003842?s=20

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