Blazing Speed and Global Scale

Solana has transformed the blockchain into an enterprise-grade computing platform capable of handling global transactions and mission-critical applications

Move fast. Spend less.

Solana drives down the cost of computing and opens a global landscape for enterprise level applications to have decentralization, democratization, and database driven scalability.

Selected Features of Solana:

  • Network architecture automatically orders transactions as they enter the system, rather than by block
  • Quick settlement times (sub-second finality)
  • Guaranteed low transaction costs ($0.001 per transaction)
  • LLVM compatible languages supported for smart contract development
  • Will provide high-level APIs, and RPCs that will be highly compatible with existing UIs written specifically for Ethereum to reduce developer friction
  • Improved user experience (high throughput network, with a testnet performing at 110k tps allowing for quick response times for end users)
  • Sustainable scalability solution that scales with hardware and bandwidth improvements
  • PoS consensus mechanism

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